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Mentoring Program
Mentoring Mom's Life-to-Life Ministry
The purpose of Mentoring Mom's is to pair up mature Christian women with unwed mom's providing them the opportunity for mature friendships, wise counsel and nurturing support.  It is our desire to love each young mother unconditionally so she will want to know the One who motivates it - Jesus Christ, and to come into personal relationship with Him for herself and her children's welfare.  
There are a number of opportunities for involvement: mentor a mom, assist the directors, financial support and prayer support.
Mentors are being asked to make a 6 month committment.  This involves meeting with your mom weekly at your own convenience for friendship building activities.  The friendship will grow and the mentor will have the opportunity of sharing her life experience with her mom.  For many of these young mom's, their involvement with the mentor is the first time they learn of God's desire to have a relationship with them.  Once they learn this, their desire to know God is like a seed planted in their hearts, waiting to grow.  Mentors provide the "water and sunlight" the seeds need by listening to the girls, praying for them, encouraging them and challenging them.  Just as Jesus treated people with compassion, grace and a personal touch, mentors seek to touch the lives of the new mom's by being available to them as friends.  
Mentors are asked to attend training and support meetings. The training is intended to help the mentor be equipped personally for this task and then to study issues related to teen parenting from a biblical perspective. The mentors will also bring their teen mom's to a monthly large group function "club" where they can interract with other mom's their age and be welcomed and received by all the mentors.  The structure of the meeting will vary and may include guest speakers, craft projects, special events and will take place one evening per month.
All teen mom's will be welcome to participate.  The directors will recruit them through AALC/Stork Support, through teen-parenting programs in the schools, and through referrals from friends and loved ones.  After explaining the mentor program to them, all will be given the opportunity to apply for a mentor.  They are also asked to give a 6 month committment to the program.  These young moms will be supported and encouraged as mothers so they can live happy and abundant lives with God's help.  The mentor will serve as a positive role model and a real friend.  
If you are interested in being a mentor, the qualifications are as follows:
Have a love for Jesus Christ, Desire to share that love with others, Make a committment for 6 months
The Rewards:
Impact a life for eternity and effect the next generation, Serve Jesus Christ