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Prayer:  For each girl that comes into the center, their pregnancies, their children and family members, and that we will have the boldness and discernment to open our mouths and allow God to speak through each and every one of us that which each one needs to hear.
Stork Support Report for May:
49 clients served, 18 new, 31 ongoing
From where? 25 LaSalle, 4 Peru, 2 Oglesby, 3 Ottawa, 3 Spring Valley, 1 Mark, 1 Seatonville, 3 Princeton, 1 Sparland, 2 Henry, 2 DePue, 1 Magnolia, 1 LaMoille
How Served? 4 New Mom packs given out, 25 pkgs. diapers, 38 bags of clothes, 6 pieces furniture, 5 food/formula, 5 bags maternity, 7 pregnancy tests= 6 negative, 1 positive. A few girls came in several times in one month.  As you can see, our clients need much assistance but our needs were met.  
We'd like to thank all those who have given to help meet these needs.  GOD BLESS!
Stork Support report for June:
57 Clients served, 16 new, 41 ongoing
From where? 25 LaSalle, 7 Peru, 3 Oglesby, 2 Granville, 1 Princeton, 3 Henry, 2 Spring Valley, 1 DePue, 2 Ladd, 1 Bureau, 2 Sparland, 2 Buda, 1 Marseilles, 2 Cedar Point, 1 Minook, 1 Mendota, 1 Hennepin
How Served? 4 New Mom packs given out, 34 diapers, 12 furniture items, 40 bags of clothes, 5 food or formula, 4 bags maternity, 6 pregnancy tests=5 negative, 1 positive, 2 bags of groceries.  5 girls came twice and 2 girls came 3 times. NEEDS MET!!
Thank you all for donating these much needed items to help these women and their children.
SPECIAL THANKS to ILL. Citizens of Downers Grove for giving Joanne the Lifeline Award for her years of service. Joanne was truly blessed. A lovely reception followed the awards ceremony.
Center Needs:
    Someone to mow the grass in the backyard
    Volunteers for Office Upkeep
    Large diapers size 3-4-5
    Large brown bags
    Car seats small and large, new or nearly new
    Cribs in good condition
    Play pens, Swings, Tubs, Walkers, High Chairs
    New Mom Gift Packs: Medium Bags, T-Shirts, Lotion, Powder, Baby Wipes, Bottles, Sleepers, Bibs, Socks, Baby Toys
If you have an item that is not on this list that you would like to donate, we would be glad to take that also.

We are looking into a car seat program for LaSalle County; we could use help organizing and checking on grant monies for new seats.

If you find an error on any of our pages or have a suggestion, feel free to tell us!