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The mission of Abortion Alternatives/ Stork Support is to love, teach and educate about abortion and it's affects... to offer help to women of any age, race, or religious background, married or single, before, during and after birth.
We wholly provide all information about abortion, adoption and other options regarding a planned or unplanned pregnancy.  We are pro-life.  We try to demonstrate love and other qualities of Jesus Christ in helping out as much as we can.  We have doulas and other people available to assist during a pregnancy as well as used clothes for needy families.
We are a nonprofit organization and all proceeds come from donations, craft and bake sales and other fundraising events.  If you would like more information about the mission, feel free to contact us in writing or by telephone.  See contact information.
Our services are to distribute baby items, give pregnancy tests, and to give a variety of other prenatal and postnatal information. We also provide transportation to and from the hospital if you need transportation and live in the immediate area.  AALC is available to speak to local community groups, including schools and a variety of other public forums.  Informative presentations about abortion and its effects, parental notification, the RU-486 abortion pill, and fetal experimentation are among some of the topics presented.
We have established a helpline for women who may be facing an unplanned pregnancy.  The goal is to help women find alternatives to abortion, and to that end, we will attempt to address difficulties with the related problems that are inherent with this situation.  We will also provide a referral to human service resources to link individuals up with help in getting food, medical care, adoption or foster care if desired, legal representation and financial assistance with the appropriate providers.  We serve in all areas of need.
    The most efficient and permanent way to impact the world
    for Jesus Christ has always been,
    and continues to be,
    one dedicated life touching another.